Sunday, October 30, 2016

Budget Update: October 2016

October f-l-e-w by.  It feels like just yesterday the days were filled with heat and humidity, and today is just a beautiful, crisp day.  Not that I am complaining in the least; I LOVE Fall and everything about it.  It just seems that the days are zipping by at such great speed.  Is it just me?  Maybe.  So, anyway, we're here to talk budget, not weather.  October was a great month budget-wise.  I did a lot of pantry and freezer cleaning out to make room for our pork order coming in early November, so I didn't need to buy a lot of meal items at the store.  I took this shopping reprieve though and used the money to stock up on things like vitamins, lotion, canned goods, and amazing finds from the Dollar Tree.  #dontjudge  I came out under budget, and I'm happy with the deals I got, and that's really all the matters.  
So, below is how my spending broke-down over the month of October...
  • Week #3: $76.56 oop, Earned $15 ECB's, and $25 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks

Total OOP: $334.97
Total Earned: $82.45
Total Remaining from October: $41.17
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