Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Yearly Budget Report

This year was super busy with my new work schedule.  That meant that I didn't have the time to put into couponing, planning, and budget shopping like I normally would.  This equated to a lot of spending that I probably would not have had otherwise.  Also adjusting to life with a 1 year old was interesting this year.  By the time August came, he had figured out that he likes to eat, especially meats and dairy, and he eats a LOT.  But, overall I think the year went fairly well budget-wise.  Howard is eating more, wearing larger (and thus more expensive diapers), and dirty a lot more laundry.  So for 2016 I have planned to raise our monthly budget to $350.  This should create a buffer and allow for these extra expenses.  I don't think that I will use this every month, but some months I am sure I will be glad to have it.  Here is how our budget broke down over the course of 2015.  If you click a month, you can go to that month's page, and click on a week # and it will take you to my shopping trips for that week.  If that interests you -- I always like to see what people were able to get and for how much.  Any way, the monthly break-down for 2015...
  • January: $286.80 oop, Earned $67.26 ($13.20 under budget!  I added this to Feb.'s money)
  • February: $310.34 oop, Earned $44.09 ($2.86 remaining, added to March's money)
  • March: $270.43 oop, Earned $50.04 ($32.46 remaining, added to April's money)
  • April: $349.84 oop, Earned $61.29 (Zero Remaining)
  • May: $274.73 oop, Earned $30.44 ($6.07 Remaining, added to May's money)
  • June: $298.17 oop, Earned $65.65 ($8.76 Remaining, added to June's money)
  • July: $317.30 oop, Earned $62.00 (Zero Remaining)
  • August: $300.74 oop, Earned $19.25 (Zero Remaining)
  • September: $297.66 oop, Earned $72.50 ($2.34 Remaining, added to October's money)
  • October: $298.54 oop, Earned $36.50 ($3.80 Remaining, added to November's money)
  • November: $296.91 oop, Earned $89.05  ($6.89 Remaining, added to December's money)
  • December: $409.48 oop, Earned $71.64 (Zero Remaining - over budget)
Total OOP: $3,710.94
Total Earned: $669.71
$110.91 over budget for year.  No bueno.  However, this was pretty much just from December.  It seems that the rest of the year balanced itself out.

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