Monday, October 5, 2015

September 2015 Budget Update

This month I did a fair amount of shopping, and still managed to stay under budget!  I love it when that happens.  We spent the month eating through our pantry and freezer, so I mostly just purchased good deals to refill the items used and the needed items to make meals, and not a lot of extra stuff.  I also FINALLY earned enough swagbucks for a $25 Amazon gift card.  It takes a LOT longer to do that then I thought it was going to.  I'm going to try and earn another one before Christmas, but we'll see.  Here's how the month broke down...
  • Week #1: $94.93 oop, Earned $9 ECB's
  • Week #2: $78.95 oop, Earned $16 ECB's, $6 Saving Star Rebates, and $25 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks -- FINALLY!!!
  • Week #3: $103.97 oop, Earned $15.50 ECB's
  • Week #4: $19.81 oop, Earned $1 Saving Star Rebate
Total OOP: $297.66
Total Earned: $72.50
Total Remaining from September: $2.34

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