Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November's Budget Update

November was FULL of shopping!  I was able to stock-up on some AWESOME deals, as well as buy the needed items for our menu plans, and a few stocking stuffers too!  And, I was UNDER budget for the month -- I LOVE it when that happens!  I am hoping that I can do just as well in December and end the year on a good note budget-wise.  Here's how November went down...
  • Week #1: $115 oop, Earned $23 ECB's,
  • Week #2: $77.12 oop, Earned $1 ECB, $1 Checkout 51 Rebate, $2.60 Ibotta Rebates
  • Week #3: $86.27 oop, Earned $27 ECB's
  • Week #4: $18.52 oop, Earned $34.45 ECB's
Total OOP: $296.91
Total Earned: $89.05
Total Remaining from November: $6.89!!!

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