Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July's Budget Update 2015

July was a month full of purchases.  It seemed like every time I turned around we needed to buy diapers or wipes.  Even though we use cloth most of the time, we still use disposables during nap and night times and when we are out and about.  I think it was because Joe took Howard out more than usual this past month.  Howard has also finally gotten a break from teething, and that molar finally came in.  So he has been eating up a storm.  He's a grazer, which the doctor said is actually healthier for him than  just eating 3 big meals.  Anyway, because of that, I feel like I am always preparing food for him or feeding him.  I swear that child eats all day, and is still as trim as ever. 

I'm not sure where he gets the skinny genes from, maybe it skips a generation?  So, with all of that going on, in addition to getting ready to sell at a massive flea market, taking care of Joe's grandfather's bills and lawn, taking on double shifts at work, and doing my general house/budget/coupon stuff, things have been a little hairy around here.  But it will all pay off next month when we get some much needed vacation time!  Here's how things worked out in July...
  • Week #1, Part #2: $35.68 oop (part #1 is here), Earned $13 ECB's, $6 Saving Star Rebates
  • Week #2: $113.80 oop, Earned $18 ECB's
  • Week #3: $100.53 oop, Earned $15 ECB's, and $3 Saving Star Rebates
  • Week #4: $32.24 oop, Earned Zero
  • Week #5: $35.05 oop, Earned $7 ECB's
Total OOP: $317.30
Total Earned: $62
Total Remaining from July: Zero!

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