Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December's Budget Update

December was a CRAZY month.  We hosted 12 for Christmas dinner, which is a LOT for our little apartment.  But it was a wonderful meal, and we had an excellent time with our families!  That large meal, combine with work luncheons, other misc get togethers, and holiday baking = over budget -- whomp, whomp.  But that's okay.  Howard is also eating like a horse, growth spurt I guess.  He isn't snacking much, but he eats a lot at mealtimes, which is a good thing, but is expensive.  All that to say that I am increasing our monthly budget to $350 each month in the new year.  I don't think I will need it all every month, but I'd rather have it than not.  Howard is getting bigger by the minute it seems, and is more mobile than every, which means more expensive diapers, more laundry detergent, and more food.  This equals a need for more grocery money.  Anyway, below is the wrap-up for December's grocery monies.  I will be posting my yearly update for 2015 soon.
  • Week #1: $80.65 oop, Earned $6 ECB's
  • Week #2: $114.15 oop Earned $7 ECB's, and $0.25 Ibotta Rebate
  • Week #3: $84.02 oop, Earned $6.89 ECB's, $0.50 Snap Rebate, $0.25 Ibotta Rebate, $1 Checkout 51 Rebate, and $25 Amazon Gift Card from Swagbucks
  • Week #4: $77.61 oop, Earned $13 ECB's
  • Week #5: $53.05 oop, Earned $10 ECB's, $1.50 Checkout51 Rebate, and $0.25 Ibotta Rebate
Total OOP: $409.48
Total Earned: $71.64
Total Remaining from December:  Zero!

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