Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Household Project List 2016 - November Edition

This is my last update for my household project list.  In December I am planning to show the before and after pictures with all of you, so be on the look out for that post!  But as far as getting anything else crossed off this list before the end of the year, I have to be real with myself, and it's just not going to happen.   I work most of December, as in 21 days, almost straight though.  The days I'm not working I need to be doing my cookie baking, for us and for some orders I have from friends.  I also want to try and spend some time enjoying the season with Joe and Howard - Howard will only be 2 once.  He LOVES Christmas trees and lights, so I am looking forward to riding around looking at some with him at least one evening.  🎄  We have some other fun planned for the month as well - midnight madness at our local antique mall, various family get-togethers, and my niece is graduating from college!  Overall, it's just going to be way too busy to work on painting or steaming or gluing anything.  I do plan to pick the list back up in January when I have more time on my hands, and I will keep you posted as I finish different projects that are still on the list.
Here's how the list is looking so far...
  • Bedroom: 
    • Declutter 2 Dressers, 1 Chest of Drawers, 2 Nightstands, 1 Closet, and Under the Bed -- Finished in February
    • Steam off the crappy boarder - Not completed.
    • Re-glue the wallpaper seams - Completed in September
    • Change the wall art - Not completed.
  • Hall: 
    • Declutter Hall Closet, Desk, and Coat Closet -- Finished in February
    • Sell desk, and move in a bench -- Finished in April
    • Build another shelf in the hall closet -- Unneeded, crossed off in February
  • Bathroom:
    • Declutter the Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers  -- Finished in February
    • Touch up the paint - Finished in June.  Completed during renovations.
  • Living Room:
    • Declutter 8 Cube Baskets, 1 End Table, and 3 Dresser Drawers -- Finished in March
    • Finish adding pictures to our 'mural' wall - Finished in June/July. 
    • Paint the letter 'R' on our 'mural' wall -- Finished in January
    • Find new art for behind the futon - Not completed.
  • Kitchen:
    • Declutter 35 Cabinets, 1 Pantry, 1 China Cabinet, and 11 Drawers -- Finished in March   
    • Get a new trashcan -- Finished in February
    • Steam the wallpaper off our microwave table, and repaint it - Crossed off in September, we are going to build a new one next year.
    • Paint the windows/sills/trim - Finished in June.  Completed during renovations.
    • Clean out the chest freezer and defrost it -- Finished in March
  • Nursery/Office:
    • Declutter the Closet, Dresser, Desk, Chest of Drawers, Bookcase, Sewing Table, and Cedar Chest - Finished in September
    • Go through the CD 3-drawer organizer and combine into a large CD case - Finished in June.
    • Install new curtain rods and tie backs; Hang new curtains - Finished in July.
    • Make a new curtain for the closet; Hang - We've decided to go with closet doors instead of a curtain.  Not completed.
    • Buy new Lamp/Shade for the Dresser -- Finished in April
    • Re-glue wallpaper - Not completed.
    • Bring in new chest of drawers (#2) - Finished in September.
    • Build new shelf (or two) above the desk; Add books to shelves -- Finished in October.
    • Paint the windows/sills and the closet door frame - Finished in June.  Completed during renovations.
  • Laundry Room:
    •  Declutter Desk, 3 Drawer Stand, Bookcase, and Closet (including stored Christmas decorations) -- Finished in March
    • Touch up paint from renovation -Not completed.
    • Hang art -- Crossed off in May. 
    • Wash box of new-to-us toys - Finished in July.
    • Buy an IKEA cube system, assemble, and organize -- Not completed.
 Are any of you working on some household projects this year?
What are you getting accomplished? 

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