Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Spending Report: 10/23-29/2016

This week was just the basic 'oh, we're out of a bunch of stuff and need to go to the store' week.  I didn't stop into CVS because the deals weren't really that great.  We are still eating our way through the freezers and pantries, so I really only need breakfast, lunch, and snack foods.  I was super shocked to find out that after I totaled up for the month, we were under budget!!!  Yeah!  I shopped at ALDI and Giant this week; you can see what I picked up below...
  • Monday's ALDI Trip: $50.37 oop (included, but not pictured are 8 gallons of H2O), Earned $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Tortilla Chips)
  • Monday's Giant Trip: $18.27 oop, Earned $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Soup)

Total OOP: $68.64
Total Earned: $0.20
Total Remaining from October: $41.17!!!

Linked to I Heart Publix, and many more... 

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