Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekly Spending Report: 06/28-07/04/2015 Part #1

This week I broke my shopping up into two trips.  I usually try to get it all out of the way at one time, but with a full work week, and a lot of household projects going on, I could only be out shopping for so long at a time.  Anyway, because I shopped twice, the first installment is out of June's budget, and the second is out of July's, it actually worked out pretty well doing it that way.  Here's how the first part of the shopping went for this week...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $14.38 oop, Earned $13 ECB's, and a $5 Saving Star Rebate
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $14.08 oop
Total OOP: $28.46
Total Earned: $18
Total Remaining from June: $8.76

  Part 2 is Here

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