Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday's Freezer Cooking Results: Stocking up for Baby!

Since I've been pregnant, there are two pieces of advice that keep popping up.  Not only in everyday conversations, but all over the web as well.  #1 Sleep when the baby sleeps, and #2 Stock your freezer/stock-pile for after the baby comes.  Since these two have been repeated over and over again, I decided to take heart and tackle what I could before the baby arrived.  With a month to go, I think my nesting urges have finally kicked in, not that I feel amazing or anything, but I do have a drive to get things done.  Stocking the freezer was high on the list, because after all, you HAVE to eat!  This week at the store I stocked up on ground beef, day old rolls, and over-ripe bananas.  I also had 6 lbs of onions in the cupboard from a couple of weeks ago that needed to be used up.  Since I had just straightened the freezers last week, I decided this week was the time to refill them.  So I made up a plan, and here's how it went down...

First up on the freezer stocking 'challenge' was sweet breads.  I ended up with 3 large loaves to freeze, and 1 to slice for the week, plus 8 mini loaves to freeze.  I made 2 batches Butterscotch Chip Banana Bread (same recipe as link, but with butterscotch chips instead of chocolate), this made 2 large loaves and 4 minis.  Then I made a batch of White Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, which made 2 large loaves.  And lastly, 1 batch Banana Crumb Bread, which made 4 mini loaves.  Joe was very pleased to have so many breakfasts in the freezer, and so was I. 
Next up was processing the beef I bought earlier this week.  I had a little over 3 lbs to work with, so I first made up hamburger patties.  Two for dinner Sunday, and 4 for the freezer.  Then I took the rest (about a 1 and 1/2), and fried it up with onions, and was able to get 5 meals worth for the freezer.  This is what I use when I make Crock-pot Lasagna, or Spaghetti, or even Taco Meat.
Since I needed diced onions for the beef, I went ahead and diced or sliced the rest of the 6 lbs I had bought a couple weeks ago while I had the food processor out, and froze them for future use.  I got 7 meals worth of diced onions, and 8 of sliced to freeze.

Last, and most easiest on the agenda was making Garlic Bread for the freezer.  It's so easy to make, and is such a nice addition to so many meals.  I bought marked down rolls from Giant twice this week, so I made 3 meals worth (6 rolls) earlier in the week, and again Saturday.  Here they both are, ready for the freezer.
Overall I feel very accomplished.  Hopefully I can do another round next weekend.  I am praying my nesting drive keeps up and I can get some serious stuff done!

Anyone else stocking their freezers?  If so, what are your favorite items to stock?


  1. Love your blog! :) Those pieces of advice are the absolute best two ever- to stock up your freezer and to sleep when baby sleeps! I made a lot of casseroles and a couple of lasagnas to freeze- all I had to do was thaw and pop in the oven- it was wonderful! And the more food you make and freeze, the longer you can just relax and focus completely on baby! So excited for you- it's almost time! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I am hoping that what I have been stock-piling and freezing will last at least the first couple of weeks. This is our first, so the more time I have to spend with the baby, and not worrying about household things, the better :)

  2. I have several batches of breakfast breads / muffins in the freezer as well. Maybe it's something about the last weeks of pregnancy that makes us crave carbs? :-) I also have diced onions, cooked hamburger and diced chicken in my freezer. It makes my meal prep so much quicker! I have some pulled pork, chili and sloppy joes already made, too. Yay for freezer cooking...especially with new babies!

    1. I always crave carbs, even not pregnant! :) The sweet breads are mostly for my husband though, he loves them. I'm more of a crusty bread with butter and soup kinda person. Sounds like you have a nice stash too! Wishing you luck with your (soon) delivery!