Sunday, March 16, 2014

40 bags in 40 days Update #2

I decided to join along in the 40 bags in 40 days challenge to help decrapify the house before baby Rogers arrives in April.  Here's how week #2 went...

Day #5: Quick house pick-up, and weekly house cleaning.  Items decluttered: 6 coupon inserts, 2 empty toiletry bottles.  Here's an after of the kitchen, so sparkly clean!

Day #6: Dusted the baseboards, and worked on cleaning out a dresser drawer.
 This is the after, plus the 22 items I got rid of.

Day # 7: Wiped down all of the door handles, and cleaned another dresser drawer.
 This is the after, now I can get the drawer shut again.  I also removed 8 items to get rid of.

Day #8: Wiped down the light switches, and did a quick pick up of the bathroom.  Here's the after of the bathroom, so nice and tidy.  I also ditched 7 misc toiletry/medical items.

Day #9: Dusted the Ceiling Fans and Lights.  Items Removed: 7 Misc coupon inserts/papers

Day #10: Did a HUGE freezer cooking session, so cleaning today for me.  Items Removed: Zero

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