Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekly Spending Report: 02/19-25/2017

This week I was lucky enough to find some marked-down grass-fed beef this week at Giant.  It was something called Meatloaf/Meatball mix, which from the ingredients list included things like onion, bell pepper, spices, gluten-free bread crumbs, and what seemed to read as organic tomato sauce.  I brought those home and made three cheese stuffed meatloaves for the freezer.  It's going to be so nice in the busy weeks ahead to pop one in the crock-pot and enjoy it for dinner after a long day at work!  I also stopped into the Dollar Tree on Saturday to pick up my newspapers and a few other odds and ends.  Overall it was a light shopping week, which was also easy on the budget...
  • Sunday's Giant Trip: $45.38 oop, Earned $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Frozen Pizza), and $0.50 Ibotta Rebates* ($0.25 Frozen Pizza, and $0.25 Cookies)
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $10.48 oop
Total OOP: $55.86
Total Earned: $0.60
Total Remaining for February: $152.50
*Use this link to sign up for Ibotta and get a $10 bonus! 

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