Friday, October 7, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #7 - Clip Coupons

Another way to save on brand name items is to clip coupons.  But you can't just clip the coupon and then forget about it - you need to keep them up-to-date, organized, and with you.  There are various ways to do this.  I have used the little expandable coupon organizers, some people use shoe boxes, some file folders, and others binders - you really just have to find what works for you.  I personally use a binder, because I like how easy it is to use and keep organized, and the ability to always have it with me.  Once you have clipped your coupons, and figured out how you want to organize them, you then need to file them away so they are easy to access when you are ready for them.  Everyone's dividers or labels will be different, but the kind and amount will depend on how many coupons you clip and for what kind of products. 
You will also need to keep your stash of coupons cleaned out.  A coupon does you no good if it expired 6 months ago.  It can also be very disappointing when you thought you were going to get a great deal on something, and then you don't because the coupons you planned to use are expired.  In addition, you need to remember to take your coupons to the store with you.  You cannot use a coupon to save money if it is at home on your fridge.  Depending on the amount of coupons you clip and your organizing system, you can either take all your coupons with you, or just the select few that go with the items on your list.  Part of the reason I use the binder system is because I can easily take it to the store with me and have access to all my coupons while I'm there.  This is really great when you find surprise sales or clearance deals. 
So the bottom line is - clip coupons, file them neatly, keep them up-to-date, and take them with you!

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