Thursday, October 6, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #6 - Shop Discount Stores

Yesterday we discussed giving store brands a try, but what about the items you want to be brand loyal on, how do you save money on those?  Well, I will tell you, one thing you can do is shop at discount stores.  Just to name a few - Ollie's, Big Lots, Grocery Outlets, Dollar Trees or Generals are all great places to start.  Just make sure to check expiration and sell by dates on the food and health items.  It doesn't hurt to be cautious, and it doesn't save you any money if it expires before you get to use it. 
These stores are AWESOME for items that aren't on your grocery list as well.  Things like craft supplies, paper goods, decor, kitchen utensils, organizing bins, and SO MUCH MORE!  If I am in need of something, like felt or flowers, I will definitely make a quick run into the Dollar Tree to see if I can grab some there instead of paying double or triple for it at Michael's.  Some times you don't always find what you were looking for, but it's definitely worth a shot.  So, tip #6 - try shopping at discount stores to save money on name brand items, and so much more!

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