Wednesday, October 26, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #26 - Don't Waste

We've discussed repurposing and reusing things so that they aren't wasted, and how that saves you money, but it's just as important to just not waste things.  Just like throwing out containers that can be reused or repurposed, throwing away food that went bad before you used it is wasteful.  And being wasteful is basically like throwing dollar bills in the trash.  I don't think anyone really wants to do that.  If you don't think you will get a chance to use something before it goes bad, do something with it - freeze your leftovers, take your limp broccoli and roast it for dinner tonight, make bread from your overripe bananas - but don't let it rot and then have to throw it in the trash.  This applies to things that aren't food as well - squeeze your toothpaste flat and make sure you get every last bit, rinse out your laundry detergent bottle to get one more load, cut your lotion bottle in half and get several more applications. 
Basically before something goes in the trash or the recycling, make sure it's had a nice long life and is completely empty or all used up.  By not being wasteful, you save money because you are making sure to get your money's worth

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