Monday, October 24, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tip: Day #24 - Repurpose What You Can't Fix

Yesterday we talked about trying to fix things before spending the money to replace them, but what about the things that can't be fixed?  Well, before you throw it out, try to repurpose it.  This concept doesn't work with everything, unless you are super creative.  I'm not, but I can give you a few basic examples:
  1. Take a stained T-shirt and cut it up into cleaning rags
  2. Use your old curtains, or tablecloth to make some new throw pillows for your sofa
  3. Use your old shower curtain liner as a drop cloth when you craft or paint
  4. Break the lid to you favorite sugar bowl?  Turn it into a one-of-a-kind vase
  5. Take your old scratched-up Tupperware and use it to organize your drawers or things like nuts and screws
... and the list goes on and on.   How does this save you money?  Well, by taking something old and making it into something new, you no longer have to buy the new item you were in need of.  If that makes sense.  Let's take the T-shirt example - you can no longer wear the T-shirt, so you cut it up for rags, now you don't have to buy rags to clean with.  They do actually sell rags for cleaning.  I swear, it's a thing.  Basically instead of spending money on something new, you are using something you already had, which is free.  Repurposing takes some thought, but once you get the hang of it, you will start to repurpose almost anything, which will end up saving you a good chunk of change!

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