Thursday, September 29, 2016

Goals Update: September 2016

September was pretty busy, as per our usual life schedule.  We had two events here at the museum, we set up at a large flea market, we visited two steam and gas shows (Howard's new favorite activity), I celebrated becoming 31, and I worked a ton.  Plus the usual stuff like cleaning, errands, and the never-ending pile of laundry.  I did carve out some time to work on some of my goals this month.  I can tell that we are on the home stretch for the year, and I am feeling the burn so to speak, or the itch maybe, to get things crossed off and done! 
So, here's how things are going so far for the year...

  • Lose 20 lbs (about 1.5 lbs a month) I have lost 15 pounds!  I didn't lose any more in September, but I also didn't gain any, so that's good.  I am hoping to have more time in October to get back to my every day exercising, and that will definitely help.
  • Exercise 292 days - In September I exercised 25 out of 30 days.  For a total of 225 for the year.  I'm right on track with this goal! 
  • Drink at least 70 oz of water everyday - I did pretty well with this goal in September.  The warmer weather helps.  I am hoping that I can keep the momentum up in October even though it's cooling down here in Maryland, and all I crave is hot tea. 
  • Coupon and deal shop to stick to my $350/month budget - I shared my budget update for September here.  If you click over, you can see all of the great things I was able to stock-up on while still staying $27 under budget!  This included fresh produce, diapers, shampoos, cereal, and a variety of other items.
  • Earn at least 6 - $25 Amazon gift card through Swagbucks - I earned another gift card in September!  I had to be very diligent about earning my Swagbucks each day, but it is so worth it to have another $25 Amazon gift card to use!  4 Down, and 2 to go.
  • List at least 10 things per month online or 120 for the year - I did not list anything in September, mainly because I didn't have anything to list.  I have some books and sewing patterns (now that I've done some more cleaning out) that I'd like to get up on Amazon in October, so hopefully I can make that happen.  January - Check (23), February - no check (0), March - Check (43), April - no check (1), May -no check (0), June - no check (0), July - no check (0), August - no check (0), September - no check (0)
  • Set up at 6 Flea Markets/Shows to sell our wares - We set up at a flea market at the beginning of September.  We did just okay, but we did get rid of quite a few of the bulkier items we had, which was nice.  Our next flea market is in October, so I am hoping for a good show!  Total for the year = 4
  • Completely declutter the entire house - Finally done for the year!!!  I finished up the cedar chest in September, and now I am DONE!!!
  • Finish my 2016 project list - I have my project list update posted separately.  I did get a few things crossed off in September.  I am hoping to get a couple more done in October.  We are on the home stretch, and there are just a few things left that need to get done before the end of the year!

  • Post at least 3 times a week - I was able to post 3 times a week in September.  All totaled I posted 13 times in September!  I really enjoyed sharing my Fall decor sneak-peek with you all!  I always love seeing what others are doing in the homes for decoration.
  • Do a 31 day series in October - I cannot believe that this starts this weekend!?  I feel like just yesterday I still had months to go before this series got started.  I have been writing away, working on graphics, and getting everything ready to roll for October 1st!
  • Set up a Facebook page for my blog - Not yet, I am hoping to get this done in October.
How is everyone else doing with their goals?
Anything new or different you are trying this year?
Share some of your goals in the comments...

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