Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Decor Peek - 2016

Since everyone enjoyed my Summer decor sneak-peek so much, I decided to share the little touches of Fall I've added to my home with you all as well.  With a very active two-year-old boy running around, I don't have a ton of time to decorate, nor do I want to tempt him with too many breakables.  So, I subscribe to a very simplistic style of decor.  I tend to shy away from things that are cutesy or trendy or breakable, and stick with things that are classic, and that I know I will love for years to come.  I also have some sentimental decorations - most of these were handmade by my Mom.  Since she has passed on, I cherish these items and look forward to putting them out each year.  Some would call my decor a little eclectic, but that's okay, it works for me.
So, with all that being said, onto my Fall decor...

Right outside our front door, I have these two signs, both made by my Mom.  The pumpkin patch one comes out for Fall, but the country blessings one stays out all year. 
Behind our front door is this cabinet where we keep our jackets, mittens, hats, umbrellas, and other misc outdoor items.  I like to decorate the top with anything I have that is breakable, since Howard definitely can't reach it.   I found the turkey planter last year at a flea market for two or three dollars.  I tucked it away, and this year filled it with some beautiful flowers from the Dollar Tree.  There is a close-up picture above - those cream flowers are to die for.
Beside the cabinet is another floral arrangement, also made by my Mom.  I just love all the gorgeous colors!
 On the back of our front door, I have a little wreath that I made last year from some floral scraps I had in my Fall decorating bin.  It turned out lovely, and is just the right size!
 Further down our hallway is a small shelf that I build in middle school.  The owls stay out all year, as do the tins.  I did switch the two aqua/coral/pink/pastel floral ones that were there for Spring and Summer, with these deeper colored ones for Fall.  I think that the colors are working out perfectly!  I also added the cream pumpkin, which I think is just the right touch of fall for this little corner. 
In the living room, I only change out a couple of things.  One is the frame I keep on our cube organizer.  I have a different printable for each season - when the time comes to decorate, all I have to do is open up the back and switch to the next page.
 I also switched out my boxwood balls for a few faux pumpkins and gourds in the clay bowl.
 The last room I decorated is the kitchen.  I always enjoy adding a few seasonal touches to my china cabinet.  This year I went with some gorgeous golden cabbage roses, a hand-painted turkey, and a cute little pumpkin scarecrow - can you spy him?
 In one of my windowsills I have a little rooster pitcher that my mom bought for me at a yard sale.  I keep it full of seasonal flowers and just switch them out when I need too.  This is the arrangement I came up with for Fall; I think it turned out so beautiful this year!
I also decided to decorate the wooden box I keep on top of my kitchen scale.  I had a lot of leftover floral, so I decided to do another arrangement.  I just love how it turned out!  I think the two little pumpkins hiding in there really take it up a notch.
The very last thing I have to share is my kitchen table.  I went with my fall-colored table runner, a little berry wreath, and a candle.  The last of my Summer candles I might add.  By the time you are reading this I will have moved on to a nice apple-scented candle for Fall. 
I hope that you enjoyed this little sneak-peek tour of my Fall decor for this year.

What is your favorite type of decoration for Fall?

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