Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pantry Challenge Day #10-14 Results

For the past few days colds have plagued the Rogers' household. 
It's been interesting to have a house full of sick people, including a feeling-not-so-well-and-teething baby, AND be in the middle of a pantry challenge.  Yeah, interesting is the word I'll use.  Anyway, we've been eating a lot of misc things from the pantry and freezers that didn't require a whole lot of work, like meatball subs done in the crock-pot, french toast, and sandwiches.  We've also had takeout twice.  But all in all I think we've been doing pretty good even though we feel like crap.  We are on the mend now and plugging along with the challenge nicely, so hopefully the second half of the challenge will be better than the first!

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