Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Budget Update

This month our budget went back up to $200, which feels like a million after doing a pantry challenge.  And the month only had 4 weeks which made it nice too.  We continued to work on eating certain things down from our freezers and pantries, and that enabled me to restock/stock up on other things.  We also earned some money from the flea market we did on the first, I did a large listing on Amazon, and I worked really hard every week to earn those Swag Buck gift cards.  Here's how we ended up this month...

Week #1: $65.53 OOP, Earned $5 Target GC, $13 ECB's, $6.75 from Amazon, and $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Week #2: $52.15 OOP, Earned $18 ECB's, $6 MIR, and $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Week #3: $42.21 OOP, Earned $26 ECB's, $3.50 Staples Rebate, $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks, $4.08 CVS Gift Card, and $20.30 from Amazon
Week #4: $34.69 OOP (does not include Sat. March 1st), Earned $11 ECB's, $2.50 MIR, $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks, $43.74 Cash (from coin jar), and $24.46 from Amazon

Grand Total OOP for February: $194.58
Total Earned: $204.33 (Includes cash added to grocery envelope from coin jar)
Total Remaining (and added to March's Budget): $49.16

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