Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Spending Report: 02/23-03/01/2014

This week Joe and I changed in our coin jar to add some extra cash into the grocery envelope.  Now I just need a sale on ground beef.  I did do a little stocking for the freezer this week.  After the baby's born Joe will need to do some fending for himself, so Mama Celeste Pizzas and fish sticks it is.  They aren't the healthiest menu items, but still healthier and cheaper than take-out.  CVS didn't have many ECB deals this week, but I still managed to roll my ECB's and get some needed sale items, like bottled water and tissues.  Anyway, here's how the week went down... 
  • Tuesday's Walgreen's Trip (no picture, just 1 dozen Eggs): $1.29 oop
  • Tuesday's Petco Trip (no picture, just 2 cans Cat Food, used 2 coupons): $1.06 oop
  • Tuesday's CVS Trip: $0.30 oop, Earned $11 ECB's and $2.50 MIR
  • Tuesday's Giant Trip: $30.74 oop
  • Wednesday's Baugher's Trip (no picture, just Bananas): $1.30 oop
  • Earned $43.74 from cashing in coins, and added it to the grocery envelope
  • Earned $24.46 from Amazon 
  • Earned $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks
Total OOP: $34.69
Total Earned: $86.70
Total Remaining: $49.16 (includes money from change jar)
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, just 2 newspapers): $2.12 oop
  • Saturday's ALDI Trip: $17.44 oop 
Total OOP: $19.56
Total Earned: Zero
Total Remaining: $229.60

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