Monday, January 30, 2017

Budget Update: January 2017

I decided to keep my budget at $350 a month for 2017, as it seems to be the perfect amount for stocking up on deals, buying the occasional treat, and covering the basics.  I was pleasantly surprised to have ended 2016 on such a high note budget-wise, and at over hundred dollars under budget for the year!  We have been super busy with our work here at the museum, so I have kept my shopping to a minimum, which has helped to save some serious cash.  I am hoping to get back into my CVS deal shopping in February - the break was nice, but I've missed it.  Below you can see how my spending panned-out over January, and what deals I was able to snag.

How is your shopping and budget going so far this year?
Total OOP for January: $316.31
Total Earned in January: $0.50
Total Remaining from January: $166.52!!!

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