Sunday, October 23, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #23 - Try to Fix it First

Going along with performing maintenance to save money, is trying to fix things before buying new.  If your fan broke, instead of replacing it, try fixing it first.  You might get lucky and all it needs is a cleaning, or maybe some grease.  If not, are you really out anything?  Nope, and if you can fix your fan, you've saved yourself the money of a having to buy a new one.  This really depends on how handy you are, but it can be applied to other things besides appliances.  Did you loose a button off your favorite flannel?  Buy a new one and sew it on instead of buying a new shirt.  Got a hole in the knee of your jeans, tear up the other knee for an intentional distress denim look.  Or cut both legs off at the knees and cuff them up for a nice pair of Bermuda shorts. 
So, instead of running out to buy a new whatever when your old one breaks, try to fix the old one first, and you might just save yourself some cash.

Photos for this series are from Flickr.  They are pictures that are under the license of ‘commercial and mods allowed.’  Edits were done by me.  The licensor does not endorse me or my use.

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