Monday, October 10, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #10 - Be Patient

Couponing and saving money requires a lot of patience.  It takes time to clip the coupons and organize them, and you also have to learn to wait for the sale you want to pair that coupon with.  Most items go on sale at the drug and grocery stores every 6 weeks, some items are a little longer, others a little shorter.  Some items are seasonally on sale - so only once or twice a year, like baking supplies.  Household and clothing items, or appliances vary depending on the month.  There are tons of websites out there that will tell you what month is the best time to purchase different items, like sheets or decorations.  Just google it, and then wait.  It takes a little while to get into a rhythm with this method of purchasing, and of course not everything in your house is going to cooperate with the sales cycle.  Your dishwasher is not going to wait for a sale before it konks out on you - so when it does, you google it and find out that in two weeks they'll probably be on sale, then you hand wash your dishes for two weeks and save that cash when you do buy a new one.  It doesn't always work out, but being patient and waiting for a sale when you can will definitely save you some money in the end. 
So, you clip your coupons, make your list, but be patient and wait for sales when you can to maximize your savings!

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