Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekly Spending Report: 09/25-10/01/2016

This week I did a good bit of stocking up, and I got some really great deals.  There were a few things, like toilet paper, that were on my 'to buy' list, and I got lucky because they were a great deal too!  I love it when that happens.  I also came in under budget for the month, not by much, but every little bit helps.  I kept my shopping to a minimum this week, just hitting up my regular three stops - CVS, ALDI, and Giant.  We are headed to a flea market this weekend, where the internet is spotty, so I decided to go ahead and share my spending report a couple of days early.  
Below you'll see how my spending broke down...
  • Sunday's CVS Trip: $23.37 oop, Earned $15 ECB's ($10 Charmin, and $5 Garnier Fructis), and $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Hand soap)
  • Sunday's ALDI Trip: $38.52 oop
  • Sunday's Giant Trip: $34.08 oop, Earned $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (Pizza), and $0.50 Saving Star Rebate (Annie's Mac and Cheese) (included, but not pictured is a large bottle of Shout carpet cleaner on clearance for just over $3)
Total OOP: $95.97
Total Earned: $15.70
Total Remaining from September: $27.14!!!

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