Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Spending Report: 07/17-23/2016

This week I had a LOT on the to buy list.  Next week we are leaving for our 'working' vacation, so I decided to split things up and buy some stuff this week, and the rest next week.  We'll also have to pick up a few fresh items once we get there.  We were finally able to move back into the apartment on Friday - the renovations are all complete, for now.  There is still plenty to be done, but the bathroom looks fabulous!  There were a few great deals this week that I wanted to take advantage of, like the Zantac - only $1.66 each, yes please!  Also, it's tomato season, need I say more?  Any way, here is how my spending broke-down this week...
  • Monday's CVS Trip: $12.37 oop, Earned $6 ECB's (Zantac x 3), $4 Saving Star Rebate (Zantac), and $0.10 Mobisave Rebate (dish soap)
  • Monday's ALDI Trip: $21.58 oop (included, but not pictured are 4 gallons of H2O)
  • Monday's Giant Trip: $36.71 oop (included, but not pictured are 7 Powerades, a 35-pack of bottled H2O, and 5-6 packs of various sodas), Earned $1.50 Ibotta Rebate* (Luna Bars)
  • Monday's Baugher's Trip: $5.98 oop
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip: $18.72 oop
Total OOP: $95.36
Total Earned: $11.60
Total Remaining for July: $133.59
*Use this link to sign up for Ibotta and get a $10 bonus!

Linked to I Heart Publix, and many more!

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