Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Toddler Diaper Bag - Deconstructed

Our diaper bag is a Vera Bradley computer tote that was given to us when we found out that we were expecting.  I loved the beautiful bright colors, the shoulder strap, and all of the pockets that were inside and out.  Plus it was free!  This bag has served us well over the past two year, and is still going strong.  I thought it might be fun to show what I keep in the diaper bag for our now two-year old.  I know there are many moms who look forward to ditching the diaper bag, but I LOVE knowing that I have everything that I need, for any kind of mishap, within arms reach.  Knowing that I have the supplies I might need gives me confidence when I am out and about with my little one; I know that I am as prepared as I can be.  I have found that preparedness is one of the keys to having a smooth outing with a toddler. 

On the outside of our diaper bag we have a zip pocket on one side and a snap pocket on the other.  Here's the snap side...
Because this side snaps, and can easily be opened, I tuck the items below in the little slots and pockets on the inside of the pocket so I don't accidentally lose them.  In this pocket I keep some crayons, a slinky, and some baby nail clippers.
Here's the outside zip pocket...
In this pocket I keep a spare outfit - pants, tee shirt, and socks, as well as a Ziploc bag with some baby Motrin, baby Tylenol, gas drops, the dispensers for each medicine, and some sunscreen.  It is very important to use a zip-top bag for your medicines.  Do not ask me how I know this.  But I will share that baby Tylenol is super sticky, and incredibly hard to clean out of a pocket.

The inside of the diaper bag is super roomy.  There are two pockets on the one side, a middle section, and a pocket on the other side with a Velcro closure.  Then the whole thing zips shut, so you can cram that bad-boy full of stuff and it all stays inside.
Inside the Velcro side we keep diapers, some stacking cups, sunglasses, and a light up toy that Howard just loves.  Yes, we keep a LOT of diapers in our diaper bag.  Joe, Howard, and I have the tendency to go away for 10 or 12 hours at a time, so Howard will sometimes use all 10 diapers that I keep packed . 
On the opposite side there are two pockets, one pocket holds some Clorox wipes for dirty tables and high chairs, baby wipes, and baby powder.
The second pocket holds a bib, toddler fork and spoon, and of course, snacks.  I always carry two different kinds - something salty and something sweet.  Today it was pretzels and apple puffs (which are from the Dollar Tree and Howard LOVES them).  Snacks are another important item to have on hand to avoid toddler meltdowns in the middle of the store. 
In that open middle section I keep the changing mat - which is the best $11 I think I have ever spent (this one is similar*).  The changing mat has a holder for bags.  I buy the doggie bags at the Dollar Tree and they work just as well for stinky diapers as the more expensive diaper-specific ones they sell at Target and Walmart.  I also keep the coloring pack there as well.  I found this at the Dollar Tree, and it has been a wonderful addition!  There are 8 large crayons - perfect for toddler hands - and 72 pages to color, for a buck, and everything is contained!  
Here's a peek at the inside when it is all nicely packed and ready to roll.
 I hope that there is something beneficial that all you diaper bag-toting parents can glean from this post. 

Let me know what item you find most beneficial to keep packed in your diaper bag in the comments below...

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