Thursday, May 19, 2016

Frugal Finds: May 2016 Edition

This month I had to share some of my Dollar Tree finds from the other day!  I think I should probably mention that I am addicted to planning -- Hello, my name is Laura and I'm a planaholic -- he, he.  While I'm sharing secrets, I also love to binge watch 'plan with me' videos on YouTube while I exercise.  Now, while I love watching people decorate their planners, it just isn't practical for me.  I do a little washi tape and some stickers to pretty things up, but I NEED a LOT of space to brain-dump my to-dos.  
3 packages Birthday-themed Stickers for my planner $3
1 package Owl Stickers for my planner $1
3 Zip-top Cosmetic cases for organizing office supplies and Howard's Flash Cards $3
2-6 count packs Ice Cream Thank you Cards $2
2 packages Page Markers for my planner $2
1-5 count pack Self-laminating Sheets for insurance cards $1
1 roll Double-sided Tape $1
1 Eye Shadow Brush $1
+ $0.84
Total OOP: $14.84

I also stopped at a Dollar Tree while we were in Hanover one day, and finally found the utensils for Howard's kitchen he's getting for Christmas!  I was really surprised to find the Little People coloring book with 8 large crayons in the back as well!  It fits perfectly in the diaper bag for when we are out and about.
1-4 pack of HEAVY Magnetic Clips $1
1-1000 count Coding Labels for my planner $1
1 Little People Coloring Book and 8 Crayon pack $1
1-8 piece Play Utensils $1
3 Boxwood Balls for filling a pottery bowl in the living room $3
+ $0.42 Tax
Total OOP: $7.42

Have any of you been to the Dollar Tree recently?
What kind of deals are you finding? 

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