Monday, April 11, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: 04/11/2016

This week I have a fairly heavy work schedule, including 2 large tours -- but, the spring cleaning is done and the house is organized and looks AMAZING!  Now if the weather would just cooperate, we could get on with open windows and outside play.  Also, for some reason the fridge is breeding leftovers, so that is on the menu until it's empty.  Then we'll move in to some quick and easy (and crock-pot) meals!  I think part of the issue (not really) is all the fresh veg I have been buying (and eating) lately -- I need to re-learn how to cook since I am eating more salad and less of everything else.  But, enough of that, without further ado, this week's meal plan...
  • Breakfasts: Pop-Tarts - Joe, Mini Muffins/Waffles/Fruit and Grain Bars/Yogurt - Howard, Eggs/Strawberries/Yogurt - Me
  • Lunches: Leftovers, Misc. Frozen Diet TV Meals, Salads, Canned Soup, PB and J/Tuna/Egg Salad Sandwiches with Chips
  • Dinners:
    • Sunday - Leftover Buffet
    • Monday - Tacos, Mexican Rice, Salad
    • Tuesday - Crock-pot Pork Loin, Crock-pot Baked Potatoes, Broccoli and Cheese
    • Wednesday - Take-out
    • Thursday - Leftover Buffet, take 2
    • Friday - Homemade Pizza, Salad
    • Saturday - Crock-pot Chicken Breasts (1/2 for dinner and 1/2 for Chicken Salad next week), Rice Pilaf, Misc Veg from the fridge
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