Friday, March 4, 2016

Household Project List 2016 -- February Update


In February I was able to finish most of my decluttering, but I just don't feel like I got much accomplished.  I know that I did, and I can really tell a difference in our home - it's easier to tidy, pretty much everything has it's own place, and there are bare spaces - but I just don't feel as accomplished as I did in January.  Not sure why, but any way...  Decluttering-wise I only have a few spots left: the kitchen, the laundry room, and a couple of things in the nursery/office, which is great!  I am right on track to start my painting projects in the end of March or beginning of April.  I also wanted to get the chest freezer done this month, but it's looking like that isn't going to happen, since Monday is the first of March.  But as long as everything is crossed off by the end of December, that is really all that matters.  So, here's how things went in February...
  • Bedroom: 
    • Declutter 2 Dressers, 1 Chest of Drawers, 2 Nightstands, 1 Closet, and Under the Bed -- I was able to finish both dressers, the closet, and under the bed to get this one crossed off in February!
    • Steam off the crappy boarder
    • Re-glue the wallpaper seams
    • Change the wall art
  • Hall: 
    • Declutter Hall Closet, Desk, and Coat Closet -- I decluttered the desk in February and was able to fit all my linens into a tiny bin in Howard's closet.
    • Sell desk, and move in a bench
    • Build another shelf in the hall closet -- Since I made enough room in Howard's closet for the linens while decluttering we don't need to build a shelf.  So, I'm crossing this off the list!
  • Bathroom:
    • Declutter the Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers
    • Touch up the paint (Joe and I might actually repaint the entire bathroom, as the color scheme is not great, so this will happen last, if at all - we might just wait and repaint in 2017)
  • Living Room:
    • Declutter 8 Cube Baskets, 1 End Table, and 3 Dresser Drawers -- I went through the cubes this month and resorted the toys by type.  I had them sorted so that I could just get out one cube and then switch it for another cube every couple days, but each cube has WAY too much in for that.  Now I just open all the cubes, pick an assortment of toys, and then push them back in.  I still rotate the toys every few days, but this allows me to make sure he gets a variety - usually including a puzzle, something with wheels, a 'puzzle-type' toy (stacking rings or shape sorters), and one that makes noise.  Plus a couple of books.  It just made more sense to me to put like with like.  It also makes cleaning up easier at night when he decides to dump a couple cubes out while mama isn't looking.  I've also been working on the dresser drawers; I have 2 done and 1 to go.  I need to purchase another large CD case to put our "series" DVDs in, and then I will be done!
    • Finish adding pictures to our 'mural' wall
    • Paint the letter 'R' on our 'mural' wall
    • Find new art for behind the futon
  • Kitchen:
    • Declutter 35 Cabinets, 1 Pantry, 1 China Cabinet, and 11 Drawers
      Pantry Before and After
      China Cabinet After
    • Get a new trashcan -- We had purchased a new trashcan for diapers in Howard's room, and it broke practically right away.  Joe said, no problem, he can fix it, that was in October.  Well, since then we have been using a small wicker trash can for diapers, and it's been working great!  We use old grocery bags in it, and when Howard does his stinky for the day, we tie it up and add it to our kitchen trash can (which gets emptied every couple days).  We have had NO problem with smell.  So, when Joe finally glued our practically brand new stainless steel trashcan back together, I took it for the kitchen.  And, I LOVE it!
    • Steam the wallpaper off our microwave table, and repaint it
    • Paint the windows/sills/trim
    • Clean out the chest freezer and defrost it
  • Nursery/Office:
    • Declutter the Closet, Dresser, Desk, Chest of Drawers, Bookcase, Sewing Table, and Cedar Chest -- I finished the dresser this month.  This is probably where I spent most of my time; it took days to do.  The dresser holds all of my crafting supplies as well as my in-progress scrapbooks.  So, I went through tons of papers, stickers, punches, glues, scissors, and more - three diaper boxes full of stuff left for sale!  I also reorganized my sticker and decal collections while I was at it, and they turned out amazing!  The dresser was a major time-sucker, but I am so pleased with how well it turned out.
    • Go through the CD 3-drawer organizer and combine into a large CD case 
    • Install new curtain rods and tie backs; Hang new curtains
    • Make a new curtain for the closet; Hang
    • Buy new Lamp/Shade for the Dresser
    • Re-glue wallpaper
    • Bring in new chest of drawers (#2)
    • Build new shelf (or two) above the desk; Add books to shelves
    • Paint the windows/sills and the closet door frame 
  • Laundry Room:
    •  Declutter Desk, 3 Drawer Stand, Bookcase, and Closet (including stored Christmas decorations)
    • Touch up paint from renovation
    • Hang art -- still deciding on if this is necessary
    • Wash box of new-to-us toys 


  1. My goal for this year is to declutter the entire house. It's a fairly large house and we've lived here 18 years (married for almost 35) - we've got a lot of stuff! Looks like you are doing really well. Good job!

  2. Thank you. I understand a LOT of stuff -- I have an almost two year old, and things just seem to multiply magically in the night. You can do it - just take a chunk at a time!