Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Goals Update

May was another crazy month!  I do feel as though I have accomplished a LOT this month, even if it was small things that only got crossed off the daily goal list and not this one.  Progress was definitely made though!  Here's how May went, goal-wise...
  1. De-clutter the whole house in January, February, and March -- Done!
  2. Do a Deep-Spring, and Deep-Fall Clean in March and November  As well as keep up with my weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning chores. -- I managed to stay caught up on all of my cleaning tasks, as well as the laundry!
  3. Paint the Windows/Sills/Trim in the Kitchen and Nursery. -- Still hasn't happen yet.  Unless we get a cool day this month, it probably won't happen until Fall, when I can open the windows and not cook for the heat.
  1. Write a 'love letter' to Joe each month -- Done, and he loved it!
  2. Take a trip to Maine in June with the hubby, and Howard. -- N/A
  3. Take a Trip to Ocean City in August -- N/A
  4. Get together with family at least once a month --  We got together with a few of  our friends in May, but we didn't get together with either of our families.  It seemed like everytime we had something planned, things would come up here at the museum, or I'd have to work, or someone was sick.  But hopefully June will allow some extended family time!
  5. Plan and Execute Howard's 1st Birthday Party -- Done!
  1. Have 2 Freezer/Pantry Challenges (January and July), post updates on the blog, and defrost the chest freezer -- N/A
  2. Post my Menu Plan, and Weekly Spending Report every week, along with at least 1 other post per week.  This may be an update, a reveal, a recipe, a shopping trip, some Aldi Deals, or a frugal find. -- This month I did a great job with posting my Weekly Spending Reports, and my Menu Plans every week.  However, I didn't really post much else.  I did post one ALDI Deals post, but that was it.  I do have some things planned for June, so hopefully that will help in actually getting the posts posted.
  3. Plan and execute a 31 days post for October. -- N/A
  1. Lose at least 20 lbs -- We won't discuss this again this month.  I've enlisted the help of my Dr, so hopefully by next month I will have lost some more weight!
  2. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and do exercise of some kind everyday. -- I have been doing this every day, which makes not meeting the previous goal even more upsetting.  But I will continue to trudge along, and hopefully June will show me some progress!
  1. Do at least 5 Flea Markets throughout the year, and list at least bi-monthly on Amazon/Facebook Yard Sale. -- Joe set up at a tool show in May!  Finally we can add another flea market to our total!  We won't be setting up again until August, so I have 2 months to prep for that.  2 Flea Market done to date.  
  2. Earn Swagbucks everyday by completing the daily poll, toolbar log-in, and NOSO offers daily.  (Try to earn $10 a month) -- I'm up to 1,506 swagbucks, only 694 more and I can cash in for the $25 reward! I am hoping that June will be the month!
  3. Set a monthly budget, and coupon and deal shop as needed to stay within our budget. --I did an excellent job staying under budget for the month!  I found some great deals, as well as got the things we needed for a good price.  I posted my budget update here.
  4. Put at least an extra $100 a month on Joe's Credit Card starting in May -- I did do this, I actually put an extra $200 on the credit card because I wasn't sure I would have the money in June to do it.  So I'm looking at it like I'm a month ahead, in case the extra money just isn't there one month.  
  1. Scan the huge-a** box of photos we have had since my mom died two and a half years ago, and get them sorted to give to people, as well as put the ones I decide to keep in albums. -- I'm not even planning to work in this until later in the year, July maybe, or possibly not until Fall, we'll see.
  2. Continue to work on Howard's baby book 
  3. Try something new at least once a month and blog about it.  I have a LOT of new recipes and crafts I want to try --Yeah, this didn't happen again.  I just lack time, and energy!  I have 2 new recipes planned for this week, so hopefully I'll get to make them and get a post written about them!  :-)
How was your May?
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