Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Frugal Finds - Yard Sale Deals

I wanted to share some of the items that I have been finding at yard sales this Spring.  Yard sale-ing is how we supplement the hand-me-downs that make up most of Howard's wardrobe, and where we find some fun things that we can actually afford.  One yard sale provided this haul...

2 Toddler-sized short sleeve shirts  $2
2 Toddler-sized long sleeve shirts $2
1 pair Toddler-sized Jeans $1
1 pair Toddler-sized Footed PJ's $1
1 New baby Book $0.50
1 Plastic Horseshoe Set $1
1 Silver-plated Peacock Napkin Holder $2
1 Kids DVD $1
1 Soap Saver $0.25
Grand Total: $10.75

The shirts, pants, and sleeper for Howard are all toddler sizes that he will grow into.  The shirts and pants are in mint condition, and are nice enough for him to wear to church.  All of the clothes were a $1 each, which is the same price they are on half price day at the thrift store we frequent.  The thrift store does not always have such mint clothing, and I am also finding it very difficult to find the footed sleepers in the larger sizes.  The Peacock napkin holder is actually from Italy and is silver plated.  I picked it up for my desk to hold the bills until the beginning of the month when I pay them.  The plastic horseshoe set we picked up to leave in the car for Howard.  That way when we stop for our picnic lunches, he can play with that.  The new baby book is to put away for now, but for $0.50, I couldn't pass that up.  The DVD is actually a turn the page type movie, so he can follow along with the actual book if he wants.  Lastly, the soap saver is just really cool.  I picked it up for the laundry room.  I'm not sure I'm going to use it yet, but we'll see.

1 Heater $2
1 Fan $1
1 Baby Mirror $1
1 pair Car Seat Strap Covers $0.75
2 Toddler-sized Footed PJ's $2
7 Comedy Cd's $5
Grand Total: $11.75
These sales were a different weekend.  We stumbled across a few things for our house, and our trip to Maine.  Joe wanted the comedy Cd's to listen to while he drives at night.  We got 7 of those.  I also found two more footed PJ's for Howard.  I finally got him a mirror for the car, and a pair of strap covers for his one car seat we bought used.  Joe got an organizer for sockets, a spare heater in case ours dies, and a fan for his grandfather's house.

Have any of you been yard sale-ing recently?  What great deals have you found?

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