Wednesday, April 15, 2015

February and March's Goal Update 2015

February and March were insane months.  I felt like a hamster in a wheel, constantly running around, and getting no where.  A few things got done, but between creating and working the teas at the museum, and taking care of Howard, and my usual household responsibilities, needless to say, not a whole lot got accomplished.  Here's is what has gotten done so far this year...
  1. De-clutter the whole house in January, February, and March -- I worked really hard in the nursery in February and March.  I have taken so many bins of stuff to store in Joe's grandfather's house, as well as bags and bags of stuff to be sold, or donated.  I managed to clean off my desk, and clean out Howard's closet.  The only thing that really hasn't been decluttered is half of the kitchen cabinets, so if I have some time in April, that's next on my list.
  2. Do a Deep-Spring, and Deep-Fall Clean in March and November  As well as keep up with my weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning chores. -- It took almost all of March, but I did manage to get the whole house deep cleaned.  The nursery is still a work in progress, so I did what I could in there, but the rest of the house is beaming!
  3. Paint the Windows/Sills/Trim in the Kitchen and Nursery. -- Still waiting for some warmer weather!
  1. Write a 'love letter' to Joe each month -- I did this in February, but not in March.  To be honest, I kind of forgot about it - whoops!  I'll have to make a better point of this in April.
  2. Take a trip to Maine in June with the hubby, and Howard. -- N/A
  3. Take a Trip to Ocean City in August -- N/A
  4. Get together with family at least once a month -- We did not get together with either family in February or March.  It seemed that whenever we planned something, someone got sick.  But I guess a lot of that has to do with the time of year it is.  April will be better, since we have Easter and Howard's birthday to celebrate!
  5. Plan and Execute Howard's 1st Birthday Party -- I started working on ideas for this in March, and getting supplies together.
  1. Have 2 Freezer/Pantry Challenges (January and July), post updates on the blog, and defrost the chest freezer -- N/A
  2. Post my Menu Plan, and Weekly Spending Report every week, along with at least 1 other post per week.  This may be an update, a reveal, a recipe, a shopping trip, some Aldi Deals, or a frugal find. -- I have been doing so horribly with this!  I have kept up with my monthly posts, and my weekly spending reports, but everything else has been sliding to the wayside.  This is something else I need to really work harder on in April.
  3. Plan and execute a 31 days post for October. -- N/A
  1. Lose at least 20 lbs -- I've lost 5 pounds.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?!
  2. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and do exercise of some kind everyday. -- This I have actually been doing really good with.  Joe and I have started walking every evening when the weather is nice.  The rainy days are a little harder, but I do try to get in at least some stretches on those days.  I've also been pretty much drinking exclusively water, and trying to eat better.  I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel with my eating, because then I won't stick with it, just little tweaks here and there. 
  1. Do at least 5 Flea Markets throughout the year, and list at least bi-monthly on Amazon/Facebook Yard Sale. -- 1 Flea Market done to date. I also cleaned up our Amazon account so we can start listing things again - yeah!  I plan to start this in April.
  2. Earn Swagbucks everyday by completing the daily poll, toolbar log-in, Daily Crave, and NOSO offers daily.  (Try to earn $10 a month) -- Now that Swagbucks has taken away the $5 Amazon reward, this is a little more difficult.  I do try to earn as many swagbucks each day as possible, but saving for the new $25 reward takes a while.  So, I'm going to try for a $25 every 2 months, we'll see.
  3. Set a monthly budget, and coupon and deal shop as needed to stay within our budget. --I did a fabulous job with this.  I posted my February budget update here, and my March budget update here.  I came under budget both months!
  4. Put at least an extra $100 a month on Joe's Credit Card starting in May -- N/A
  1. Scan the huge-a** box of photos we have had since my mom died two and a half years ago, and get them sorted to give to people, as well as put the ones I decide to keep in albums. -- I haven't even started this yet, and chances are that now that I've started working for the season, I won't get started until Fall or Winter, but that's fine. 
  2. Continue to work on Howard's baby book -- I have really been chugging along on this hard.  I'd like to have it as up to date as possible by Howard's party, so I can have it on display.
  3. Try something new at least once a month and blog about it.  I have a LOT of new recipes and crafts I want to try -- I still haven't made time to do this each month.  Maybe April will be different, but I doubt it -- just keeping it real!
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