Monday, January 5, 2015

Pantry Challenge Day #2 Results

Today was a total wash out in regards to the pantry challenge, but I knew it was going to be when I planned the menu for the week, so I'm okay with that.  I felt bad taking a day off so early in the challenge, but the day was pretty much planned before the month even began, so...  Here's how it went down...
  • Breakfast: We splurged on McDonald's since we had a 5 hour meeting to go to with a questionable lunch menu.  We each had a sandwich and an apple pie, and I of course had my iced coffee.
  • Lunch: The 'catered' meal included some soup which I didn't eat, chips, some delicious fruit, and some tiny sandwiches/wraps.  (I'm glad we had a big breakfast, but for free, I will not complain).
  • Dinner: While we were at the above stated meeting, my niece and sister came and babysat Howard for us,  So we offered to take them out to Ruby Tuesday's using a coupon as a thank you (and in lieu of pay).  My niece took us up on the offer, so we had a lovely salad-filled dinner with her :-)

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