Monday, January 14, 2013

Pantry Challenge Update #2: 01/06-12/2013

This week has been crazy.  With the holidays being over and things so quiet here at the museum, I keep thinking about my mom, and how much I miss her.  It's hard.  I'm trying to keep myself busy, but I think that the flu has finally entered the Roger's house.  Joe and I have both been feeling pretty rough the past few days, and then Thursday we went to Joe's grandfather's house and worked our little tushies off there.  Here's how the pantry challenge has been going...

Day #6: Sunday Joe was really suffering for a head cold, which I guess I gave him - whoops.  Luckily we had a lot of leftover food from Saturday, so I reheated some hamburger helper for lunch, and whipped up some taco salads for dinner using the leftover chili.  We ate good and still had plenty of both left for Monday.
B - Cold Cereal
L - Leftover Hamburger Helper
D - Leftover Chili Taco Salads

Day #7: Monday Joe was still feeling pretty rough, but I managed to get the house clean and do some laundry and a little paperwork as well, and Joe spent most of the day resting in the recliner.  It was a nice day.  We ate more leftovers...
B - Cream of Wheat
L - Leftover Hamburger Helper - the last of it!
D - Leftover Chili

Day #8: Tuesday Joe and I worked on some things around the house, and finally had a break from leftovers and I made a pasta bake creation using 2 cups of leftover pasta sauce (1 marinara, and 1 vodka) from the freezer, along with leftover frozen cooked pasta, and a little cheese.  Paired with some frozen garlic bread (our last loaf), and it was quite the meal.  We did some sandwiches for lunch.
B - Cold Cereal
L - Sandwiches
D - Pasta Bake with Garlic Bread

Day #9: Wednesday Joe and I continued to recuperate and worked on some organizing at the house.  I opened up some Christmas ham from the freezer for lunch, and we splurged on some 5 Guys for dinner.
B - Cold Cereal
L - Ham and Cheese Omelets with Toast
D - 5 Guys Burgers and Fries

Day #10: Thursday Joe and I went to his Grandfather's house.  We got some kindling cut up and stored for his wood stove, and I worked on flea market stuff in the basement to get ready for our first flea market this year, next month.  We ate out with Pap for lunch and dinner, and he treated, so that was nice!
B - Cold Cereal
L - Soft Pretzels from the Amish Market
D - Chili's Baby Back Ribs!  :-)

Day #11: Friday we slept in, and Joe went to the gun show near Cockeysville.  I stayed home and got caught up on laundry, and some organizing projects I wanted to get done.  Meals were simple.
B - None
L - None for Me, PB and J sandwiches for Joe
D - Ledo's Pizza (with enough leftover for lunch tomorrow!)

Day #12: Saturday Joe and I went into the world and ran some errands, and did some shopping!  We got some great deals on some things we were in need of like probiotics and Kleenex from CVS, and milk, fruit, and snacks from Giant.  I also got to visit with my sister a little, and we picked up a $5 Little Caesar's pizza for dinner; it was quite yummy!  We spent the afternoon resting, and watching movies, while I clipped coupons.
B - Cold Cereal/Waffles
L - Sandwiches
D - Pizza, Pizza!

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