Monday, January 14, 2013

Frugal Finds Friday: Cereal Box Magazine Holders!

Spray Paint and Sealer

Used Cereal Boxes
Magazine Holders!
To make these, you simply cut the cereal box into the shape of a magazine holder.  Then you go outside, or cover the area you are going to spray paint on with newspaper, and open some windows, and then spray paint the entire cereal box (I usually focus on the outside, but you can do the whole inside too if you like).  Allow the cereal box(es) to dry overnight.  In the morning spray them well and evenly with sealer.  Allow the boxes to completely dry, I usually let them set a couple of days for good measure.  Then add a label and fill the holders with your magazines!  I love being able to use old things to make new more useful items!

Easy, green, and frugal organization!

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