Tuesday, July 17, 2012

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home Update #3

Last week my mom was admitted to the hospital, and will hopefully be coming home tomorrow.  Needless to say, that between visiting her for long hours, and trying to keep up with my normal household duties, and work, things have been CRAZY!  However, I did manage to keep up with this organizing challenge, it's actually been kind of relaxing to get rid of excess clutter.  Here's how last week went...

Day #6: Kitchen 'Other' Drawers and Cabinets
Items De-Cluttered:13

Day #7: Cookbooks and Recipes
Items De-Cluttered: 50
I do not have a picture of the items I got rid of, but this is the 'after' of my Cookbook shelf, much better!
Day #8: VHS Tapes, DVDs, and CD's
Items De-Cluttered:160
(this only includes DVDs and VHS tapes, because that is as far as I've gotten, still working on this one)

Day #9: Desk
Items De-Cluttered: 26 (all paper trash) 
Here's the final product:
The white pan is my 'action box' for now, it has things I need to type or look up on the internet, by the end of summer, it will be empty though!

Day #10: Children's Books
Items De-Cluttered: Zero!  :-(
Unfortunately, Joe and I are not in the season of our life where this applies to us yet, so nothing to de-clutter today.

Total Items De-Cluttered for Days #6-10:249
(257 Items Ahead)

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  1. Way to go! I love that you are keeping track of how much you are getting rid of! Keep it up! I didn't get too much done this past week, but every small step is still a step in the right direction.