Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Spending Report: 09/23-29/2012!

Things have been crazy around here for the past two months.  After my mom died, it just seems that is has been one thing after the other with our families and here at the museum, so it really feels nice to be back to blogging again - I have missed it so!!!  I have been shopping, but not very often, and not for a whole lot of deals, just scraping by with the essentials.  So, without further ado, here's this week's spending totals...
  • Baugher's (1/2 bushel #2 apples for pie filling, cider, and 4 peppers): $14.90 oop
  • Staples (1 ream printer paper): $3.18 oop, Earned $3 Easy Rebate
  • Giant (various groceries, spent $50 to get the 300 bonus gas points: $54.16, Earned 554 Bonus Gas Points!
  • Rite-Aid (4 pks of FREE Stayfree Pads, 2 boxes OB Tampons, 1-4 pk Rite-Aid TP, and 2 bags and candy): $6.53 oop, Earned $3 UP+Rewards!
Grand Total OOP: $78.77 - $6 Earned Rewards = $72.77 Net OOP!  This seems like a lot for me, but I haven't really shopped for much over the past two months, so our stocked up food supply is dwindling.  I am trying to stock up on deals for things we eat/use a lot as I see them to try and get our food supplies stocked back up before winter :-)

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