Thursday, October 20, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #19 - Cut Back

We've discussed a lot of different ways to save money so far this month, all of which will help cut back on your spending.  Another way to cut back though is to just use less.  Cut your dryer sheets and dish sponges in half to get twice the amount for the same money.  I do both, and even though they are smaller, they get the job done just as well.  Use less soap, shampoo, and detergent.  Even if it's only a 1/2 teaspoon, it adds up over time, and you and your clothing will get just as clean.  When cooking make sure to use the correct measurements of the ingredients.  Yes, the more butter you put in to something the better it will taste, but neither the recipe nor your waistline really need it - trust me on this.  So when you are making something or buying something, ask yourself if you really need that amount?  Will less work just as well.  Buying in bulk can sometimes save money, but if you really only need 6 hot cocoa packets, then the box of 50 is really a waste.  Which means you wasted food, but also your money. 
So to save money, cut back on what you can, when you can, and just use less.

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