Friday, October 14, 2016

31 Days of Money-Saving Tips: Day #14 - Do a Pantry Challenge

Going along with cooking at home to save money, several times throughout the year, do a pantry challenge.  What is a pantry challenge?  Well, it's basically when you cook using primarily things you already have.  This varies for everyone - some make it a no spend challenge, others allow the purchase of perishables - it's really whatever works for you and your family.  Either way it's a good way to use up items from your stockpile and keep it rotated, as well as save a little money.  I do two month-long challenges a year, one in January, and one in July.  I continue to purchase things like milk, eggs, and produce; but our meals consist of things primarily from our pantry and freezers.  It's also a great time to defrost your chest freezer if you have one.  Now, I know what your thinking, I couldn't possible have that much food.  Well, you'd be surprised what you might find lurking in the back of a freezer or cabinet - I know that I have been many times over the years.  A pantry challenge also makes you think outside the box, and new recipes are created, some of which just might become your family's favorites.
So, how does this save you money?  First of all, it keeps you out of the store where you can spend money.  Secondly, it makes you use up what you have so you don't waste food and the money you spent on it.
So a pantry challenge saves you money twice - you don't spend, and you don't waste what you've already bought.

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