Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Decor Peek

 This year I kept my Summer decor super simple - with a rambunctious, two-year-old, little boy running around I figured it was a smart move on my part.  I love decorating, but little touches here and there to freshen things up is rapidly becoming my new style.  Above is my china cabinet; all I did was add some greenery sprigs, and a flag star, but those little touches really make a difference in how 'fresh' things look.  Below are a few more spaces in our home that I 'freshened' up for Summer.  I hope you enjoy these peeks into our decor and can glean some inspiration from them...
Also in the kitchen, I switched the flowers in my little rooster pitcher.
Right outside the kitchen in the hall, I changed my shelf decor a little.  I switched the porcelain flower arrangement that was my grandmother's for a cute little wooden patriotic house.  Oh, and that shelf, handmade by me circa 1997.
Howard's room got a little sign my mom painted added to the shelf above his crib (which, by the way, I have had SO much fun decorating these past two years).  
Lastly, by the front door we have an antique wardrobe that we keep our coats in.  On top, Joe displays some of his lanterns, and I add a little bit of seasonal decor in front of them.  The two Heinz tins were my mom's.  I especially love the one with the condiments on it - cracks me up every time I put it out for some reason.  

Have you put out any Summer decor yet?
What have you done recently to 'freshen' up your decor? 

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