Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Household Project List 2016 - April Update

In April progress was very slow.  I managed to get a few things crossed off the list, and I am tortoise-ing my way through others.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I am planning to start either wall paper or paint in May.  I haven't decided yet.  I have all the supplies for both, so I guess I just decide the day I start and that's what I'll work on for awhile.  I am hoping that with yard sale season underway I can purchase a couple of shelves on the cheap, and maybe find some nice wall art.  So, here's how things went in April...
  • Bedroom: 
    • Declutter 2 Dressers, 1 Chest of Drawers, 2 Nightstands, 1 Closet, and Under the Bed -- Finished in February
    • Steam off the crappy boarder
    • Re-glue the wallpaper seams
    • Change the wall art - In March I purchased the frames from the thrift store for just a couple of dollars, and then this month I decided to go in a different direction for the bedroom wall art.  I am going to use the frames in Howard's room eventually, so they won't go to waste.  Now I am on the hunt for a shelf at the yard sales and flea markets this Spring.  I am hoping to find one on the cheap so I don't have to buy one new from the craft store. 
  • Hall: 
    • Declutter Hall Closet, Desk, and Coat Closet -- Finished in February
    • Sell desk, and move in a bench -- The desk is sold, and we are $40 richer!  I haven't moved the bench out yet, and I'm not sure I'm going to, but I am considering this project done!
    • Build another shelf in the hall closet -- Unneeded, crossed off in February
  • Bathroom:
    • Declutter the Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers  -- Finished in February
    • Touch up the paint (Joe and I might actually repaint the entire bathroom, as the color scheme is not great, so this will happen last, if at all - we might just wait and repaint in 2017)
  • Living Room:
    • Declutter 8 Cube Baskets, 1 End Table, and 3 Dresser Drawers -- Finished in March
    • Finish adding pictures to our 'mural' wall
    • Paint the letter 'R' on our 'mural' wall -- Finished in January
    • Find new art for behind the futon
  • Kitchen:
    • Declutter 35 Cabinets, 1 Pantry, 1 China Cabinet, and 11 Drawers -- Finished in March   
    • Get a new trashcan -- Finished in February
    • Steam the wallpaper off our microwave table, and repaint it
    • Paint the windows/sills/trim
    • Clean out the chest freezer and defrost it -- Finished in March
  • Nursery/Office:
    • Declutter the Closet, Dresser, Desk, Chest of Drawers, Bookcase, Sewing Table, and Cedar Chest -- I've been chipping away at the bookcase, I am hoping to have it finished in May.  After that I'll move onto the cedar chest.  Slow and steady, right?
    • Go through the CD 3-drawer organizer and combine into a large CD case 
    • Install new curtain rods and tie backs; Hang new curtains
    • Make a new curtain for the closet; Hang
    • Buy new Lamp/Shade for the Dresser -- Done!  I also bought a new shade for Joe's lamp in our bedroom since the old one literally fell apart.
    • Re-glue wallpaper
    • Bring in new chest of drawers (#2)
    • Build new shelf (or two) above the desk; Add books to shelves -- We won't be able to build shelves above the desk the way I wanted to, so I am on the lookout for a small, mostly decorative, shelf at the thrift stores and yard sales.
    • Paint the windows/sills and the closet door frame 
  • Laundry Room:
    •  Declutter Desk, 3 Drawer Stand, Bookcase, and Closet (including stored Christmas decorations) -- Finished in March
    • Touch up paint from renovation
    • Hang art -- still deciding on if this is necessary
    • Wash box of new-to-us toys  
    • Newly added: We have decided that to make the best use of space, we are going to invest in another cube organizer from Ikea.  We need more storage, and this is the only way I can figure to get it.  We still have some measuring to do, but it will either be another 8 cube or hopefully a 16 cube if we can swing it.  We'll have to see.  
 Are any of you working on some household projects this year?
What are you getting accomplished? 

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