Monday, January 18, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: 01/18/2016

When planning this week's menu, I tried to keep two things in mind: One, we have a super busy week ahead of us, and two, we need to continue cleaning out the freezers and pantries.  These two key points meant that the crock-pot was going to get a LOT of use this week, and I need to re-inventory the freezers and pantries so I know what I still have to work with.  Overall the plan includes things that we like to eat, and uses up some of the pieces of this and that from the freezer.  Here's what's cookin' this week...
  • Breakfasts: Bagels, Granola Bars, Pop-Tarts, Eggs with Toast, and Muffins
  • Lunches: Pizza, PB and J or Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Leftovers, Misc. Frozen Meals, and/or Canned Soups with Crackers
  • Dinners:
    • Sunday - Leftovers to clean out the fridge
    • Monday - Chinese Take-out
    • Tuesday - Leftover Chinese food
    • Wednesday - Crock-pot BBQ Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli and Cheese
    • Thursday - Crock-pot Sliders on Rolls, Baked Onion Rings, Veggies and Dip
    • Friday - Crock-pot Pork Roast, Crock-pot Baked Potatoes, Broccoli
    • Saturday - Leftover Homemade Mac and Cheese (from the freezer), Ham or Hot Dogs
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