Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pantry Challenge Day #6 Results

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday; I spent no time in the kitchen.  The morning started later than it should have, so we were late getting to Ikea to pick up my cube (to use for Howard's toys), and Joe's grandfather's new bathroom sink/cabinet/facet set.  And then we were late getting back to his grandfather's house to pay his bills.  Are you seeing a pattern?  We ended up eating lunch and dinner out today, but so is life sometimes.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  • Breakfast: Iced Coffee for Me, Granola Bar for Joe
  • Lunch: BK Whoppers, French Fries, and Cokes -- But at least I used a coupon!
  • Dinner: We had to stop at the Amish Market for sugar on the way home from Joe's grandfather's house, so we grabbed some BBQ while we were there for dinner!  Much better for us than another burger!

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