Wednesday, November 19, 2014

31 Days of Baby Saving Tips: Day 28 - Use your Cell as a Portable White Noise Machine
Instead of spending your money on a portable white noise machine, just use your cell phone.  My husband downloaded music we have saved on our computer (mostly classic country) onto the card in his phone, for FREE, and Howard LOVES it!  Howard hated the lullaby music that came with his swing, so one night when he was fussy and wouldn't sleep Joe played him the Statler Brothers on his phone, instant quiet, and moments later he was sound asleep!  This has also worked when we are in the car, or out running errands.  He gets fussy, Joe pulls out his phone, picks one of Howard's 'playlists,' lowers the volume, and tucks it in beside him in his carseat -- and it works everytime!  You could easily get a lullaby CD to put on your computer and then onto your phone if your little one prefers it, there is probably even a cheap app for that!  So save some cash, and use the music on your cell to quiet your little one, plus it's one less thing to carry around!

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