Tuesday, November 18, 2014

31 Days of Baby Saving Tips: Day 23 - Register for things you Need, not just Wants

When you start your baby registry, it's a very exciting time, one filled with hope.  You hope that you get everything you register for, and more, because baby presents are fun!  It's also very easy to get carried away, and register for every cute baby thing that you see.  Do NOT do that.  When people look at your registry, they want to see what things you NEED.  Shower guests are helpful that way.  They want to buy you something that you need, and can use, not something that you will realize you don't actually need and end up returning.  And, don't just register for things that you will need right away, go ahead and put that booster feeding chair, and covertible car seat on there.  Some people, especially other moms, know that those things will be helpful for you to have and not have to purchase yourself later.  I chose my registry very carefully.  Did I get everything on it, no.  Did some people just go out and buy stuff they liked, yes.  But over all I ended up with most of the things I needed, and only had to return a few things to buy other needed items.  Here's some suggesttions for your registry in no particuallar order...
  • Diapers in various sizes, Wipes, and Diaper Cream OR Cloth Diaper Covers and Inserts
  • Diaper Changing Pad (if you are setting up a changing table)
  • Diaper Pail/Trash Can
  • Diaper Bag, and Portable Diaper Changing Mat (I LOVE mine, very similar to this)
  • Breast Pump/Bottles/Nursing Pillow OR Bottles/Nipples/Formula/Bottle Brush/etc
  • Feeding chair/ High Chair, bowls, spoons
  • Burp Cloths, Bibs, and Binkies
  • Gas Drops and Baby Tylenol
  • Thermometer (we have a rectal, and an ear style)
  • Teethers (including Sophie - Howard LOVES his), and Teething Gel
  • Crib/Bassinet/Pack and Play (whatever you start with, remember that eventually you will need a crib, babies do tend to get bigger you know...)
  • Crib/Bassinet/Pack and Play Sheets
  • a Swing or Bouncer of some kind (so thankful for our swing, it's the only thing Howard will sleep in, however, we only have about 10 more lbs until we have to move him into the crib, so not looking forward to that)
  • some Swaddles or receiving blankets
  • a heavy blanket or two
  • Car seat of some kind (some start out with the snap in base kind and then go to a convertible, some start with the convertible with a newborn insert, your choice)
  • Stroller
  • Carrier (Howard LOVED being in his Baby K-tan. We've worked up to a Boba now.)
  • Clothes - I prefer the zip sleepers cotton or fuzzy depending on the time of year, and onesies long or short sleeved, with leggings/shorts.  I don't like two piece outfits for little ones since their stomach ends up hanging out everytime you pick them.  But once they get mobile around 6 months, it does make them easier to diaper.  Howard was born in April, and I kept him in a cotton sleeper during the day (because of the AC), and a fuzzy sleeper at night for the first month or so.  And put him in his cute onesies when we would go to the drs or out to run errands.  However you choose to do it, your going to want at least 7 sets of day clothes, and 7 for night.  This allows for diaper blowouts, and massive spit ups (neither of which we had a whole lot of), without having to do laundry more than once or twice a week.
  • Socks/Crib Shoes
  • Bathing items: soap, lotion, powder, wash clothes - look for ones that are more substantial, towels, and a tub if you want (we put Howard on a rolled up adult towel in our tub until we got his bath sponge, which all of us LOVE)
  • Books and Toys (play mats, keys, blocks, stuffed animals, etc)
  • Rocker/Glider
  • Dresser
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