Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Baby Saving Tips: Day 1 - Stock-pile Diapers

 One thing babies need a LOT of is diapers.  If you choose to use disposables, you will go through hundreds of them before your child is potty trained.  I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper when I got pregnant, but I also knew that I wanted to have disposables on hand for when we were out and about so I wouldn't have to drag dirty diapers around and back home to be washed.  We were given some diapers as shower gifts, but 90% of the other diapers we have used or have stock-piled came from CVS.  They run the best promotions!  The sale price of $8.99 per jumbo pk is the same as every where else (Giant, Rite-Aid, etc), but they have the added savings of ECB's, CVS store coupons, with manufacturer coupons.  I've been able to stock-pile hundreds of diapers for just pennies.  Usually the deal is buy $25 or $30 and receive $5 or $10 ECB's or CVS gift card.  I can also use a $4 or $5 off $20 or $30 purchase CVS coupon, plus manufacturer coupons, and use ECB's from previous purchases to pay.  Then after you pay, you receive $5 or $10 ECB's/gift card for the next time.  Stock-piling diapers by using sales, coupons, store coupons, and promotions, will save you a boat-load of moo-lah!

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