Tuesday, March 4, 2014

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Day 1

Today's challenge was a quick pick up of your living spaces, a purse clean out, as well as purging 7 things from your household.  The first was easy since today was my regular tidying and cleaning day.  I decided to stick with my regular chores since the living spaces were going to get picked up anyway before I cleaned.  The later two were very simple, a perfect way to start the week.  My 7 things were all coupon inserts.  Today I got caught up on my clipping, which was about two weeks behind.  I had quite a stack of leftover coupons/paper scraps that got recycled.  My purse was pretty simple too, I try to keep it tidy on a regular basis since it's on the smaller side.  Here's the finished product...
Top pocket is make-up, gum, tide and regular pens, medicine, and tucked below is lotion and a Special K bar. bottom pocket is just my keys.
Outside pocket (top) Germ-X, hankie, and cell phone.  Bottom pocket is just my wallet.

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