Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weekly Spending Report: 01/19-25/2014

This week I went over budget again, but we should be able to just squeak by under budget this month.  We were in need of things like milk, cheese, yogurt, and water, so I had to get those things.  If I wasn't drinking water like it was going out of style, and trying to stockpile diapers, $40 a week would be a LOT easier!  I think over all for the month we are doing pretty good.  There is only one week left in my pantry challenge, although I think we will be continuing it through February to finish cleaning out the chest freezer.  Next week we only need eggs, sour cream, tortillas, and salsa I think, so I should be able to make a one-stop trip to ALDI and call it good for the month.  Here's how this week went down...
  • Tuesday's CVS Trip (no picture, 5-12 pks Coke, 5-24 pks H2O, 3 pkgs Huggies Diapers): $24.23 oop, Earned $20 ECB's
  • Tuesday's ALDI Trip (no picture, 2 pks Spreadable Cheese Wedges, 1 box Wheat Thins, 1 pk Tortillas): $4.82 oop
  • Tuesday's Friendly's Trip (no picture, 2 containers Ice Cream): Zero oop, used gift card
  • Tuesday's Target Trip (Annie's was 4/$5 and buy 4 get 1 free, milk was on sale for $3.49, and the tissues were $1.39 ea and I used 4 $0.50/1 Target coupons): Zero oop, used gift card
  • Tuesday Giant Trip: $15.29 oop
  • Saturday's Dollar Tree Trip (no picture, 2 newspapers): $2.12 oop
Total OOP: $46.46 - $20 Earned Rewards = Net OOP: $26.46
Total Remaining for February: $9.62

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