Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantry Challenge Update #3: 01/13-19/2013

Well, it's a new week, thank God, so I get the chance for a brand new start.  Hopefully this week will go a little better.  Joe and I are starting to feel like our old selves again, so I should have more energy to do some cooking.  We did use a good bit up from the freezers last week, but I want to make an even bigger dent this week!

Day #13: Sunday I had a slight stomach bug, so we slept in, and skipped breakfast.  We spent the afternoon enjoying the peace and quiet here at the museum, and watched our 2 free Red Boxes, as well as clipped some coupons (me) and played on the computer (Joe).  It was a nice day!
B - none
L - Waffles, Fruit
D - Leftover Pizza

Day #14: Monday I cleaned the house, and helped Joe straighten up his work room desk.  I also worked on organizing some paperwork, and filing coupons.  Overall we got a lot of work done, and managed to relax some in the evening and watch a movie.
B - Cold Cereal
L - Snacks
D - Baked Fresh-Takes Chicken Breasts, with Ranch Potato Wedges and Broccoli with Cheese.  We also finished off the cobbler for dessert.

Day #15: Tuesday Joe had a meeting to go to here at the museum, which I also had to attend, unfortunately.  And of course, instead of it being a 20 minute meeting, it was a 2 hour meeting, so dinner got scraped unfortunately.  Here's what we ended up eating.
B - Cold Cereal/Waffles
L - Fish Patties and Baked French Fries
D - Bob Evans, used a gift card from Christmas to pay, so it cost less than $8!

Day #16: Wednesday Joe and I had a viewing to go to for an older gentlemen's wife we flea market with.  He was very happy to see us, even though no one else knew who we were.  It was late in the evening for some reason, so we ended up doing some shopping afterwards, and brought home some chick-fil-a for dinner.
B - Cold Cereal/Waffles
L - Used the leftover chicken from Monday to make Chicken Parmesan.  I just melted provolone on top of the chicken, cooked up some spaghetti noodles, and heated up a jar of sauce.  It was very tasty, I wish I would have got a picture before we woofed it all down :-)
D - Chick-n-strips Salad with Ranch for me, and an Original Sandwich for Joe, we also shared a cookies and cream milkshake on the way home.

Day #17:  Thursday I thought I was going to die.  I had stomach cramps so bad I literally got light-headed.  After a call to the Dr, I have a Tuesday appointment, oh joy.  Later in the day the pain subsided some, but my stomach was still somewhat nausea from the earlier pain.  Meals were sparse to say the least.
B - Sausage Sandwiches for Joe (which he made for himself), crackers for me
L - Leftover Chicken Parmesan for Joe, Cinnamon Sugar Toast x 2 for me
D - Subs

Day #18: Friday I was still feeling not so hot; I will be glad when the sickness is finally out of this house for good.  Joe and I did manage to get a few things done around the house today, which is always a good thing; I'm even caught up on laundry.  It's a good day!
B - Bagel for Joe and Cold Cereal for me
L - Leftover over Spaghetti with Sausage for Joe, and
D - Burgers

Day #19: Saturday Joe and I took Joe's Grandfather, Pap, down to Easton so we could attend a memorial service.  It was actually a lovely and lighthearted service.  Pap treated us to our breakfast and lunch out since Joe drove us all down.  Joe and I stopped into the Amish Market while we were in Cockeysville, and picked up newspapers in Westminster, when we got home.  The rides down and back were lovely; it was a nice day!
B - Cracker Barrel with Pap, his treat (B. berry pancakes, bacon, and hash brown casserole for me, Joe had a large breakfast platter)
L - Holly's with Pap, also his treat (Joe and I each had some cream of crab soup, and split a shrimp salad sandwich with chips and pickles)
D - Joe had a frozen pizza, and I had some snacks since I wasn't very hungry

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